About Alanya

The Turkish city Alanya is located on the country's southern coast in the Mediterranean, and is one of Turkey's most visited tourist cities. The city's population is around 300.000.

One of the great things in Alanya are the many months of sun and heat, and season extends from mid-March to mid-October, where July and August are the hottest months.The water temperature is never below 17 degrees, and in July and August, the temperature of the water goes up to 30 degrees.

Alanya is a beautiful city surrounded of historical monuments including the 250 m high castle rock, surrounded by the 8 km long castle wall. The central Alanya is divided into two districts, in the middle of the center is the large peninsula that divides the city in two, respectively. East and West. On the west side lies the Cleopatra beach, which is said to be the best beach in Alanya. On the other side lies east beach where the water is more shallow.

It is said that Turkish cuisine is one of the world's best kitchens. Many of the popular dishes such as the Turkish families eating today is old traditional dishes that have been passed down for many generations. In Alanya there is of course also the opportunity to taste the authentic Turkish cuisine.

The city has a rich city life with shopping, restaurants, discounts / bars, hairdressers etc. If you like a more active holiday there is also a lot of opportunities for it. Both in Alanya and around the city there are plenty of opportunities to get to gtry all sorts of experiences such. villages / mountain tours, paragliding, boat trips, jeep safari, hamam, water park or a walk in one of Turkey's largest caves.
This is just some samples of the many kinds of experiences in Alanya.

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One thing is for sure, you never get bored in Alanya!



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